Newport Neighbourhood Development Plan

Following a referendum held in July 2018 the Newport Neighbourhood Plan was adopted by Telford & Wrekin Council. It was the culmination of work that was begun by the Town Council in 2013 to ensure that the local community would have a say in the future development of the Town.

The Town Council acknowledges that Newport should have a measured level of residential expansion, preferably on brownfield sites, and we support in principle developments that will bring employment to the town.

We welcome early engagement with applicants and would encourage developers or landowners who are considering making such applications to contact the Town Council at the earliest possible stage to discuss their outline proposals. The initial contact should be made by email using These early discussions will enable the Town Council to fully explore the proposals and consider how they may affect Newport and its residents, aswell as their compliance with policies in the Newport Neighbourhood Plan and the Telford and Wrekin Local Plan. At this early stage we can also highlight to the developer or landowner any initial issues for them to consider fully before making a formal application, including identifying any means to mitigate any potential negative impact of their proposals.

Neighbourhood Plans arise from the Localism Act 2011 which established in law the principle that local communities should play a much stronger role in shaping the areas in which they live and work. It sits alongside the Boroughs Local Plan and decisions on planning and development applications should take both documents into account.

Newport’s Neighbourhood Plan was prepared by the Town Council to make sure that there is an established long-term view for the local community’s aspirations through to 2031. It seeks to preserve the uniqueness of Newport whilst embracing changes which will build a better future for the residents of the town. The Neighbourhood Development Plan will help to protect the Town’s green spaces and open water. It includes Policies to secure the right type, quantity and quality of homes that local people will need. It seeks to make sure that future development is built with protection of the environment and wildlife in mind.

During the preparation of the Plan there was much consultation with the people of the Town and many local organisations provided assistance. The results of this consultation forms the basis of the plan, and the Policies contained in the Plan are what local people said they wanted.