Cllr Timothy Nelson

Councillor Timothy Nelson

South Ward
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C/O The Guildhall, 1 The High Street, Newport, TF10 7AR
Borough Correspondence:
C/O Addenbrooke House, Ironmasters Way, Telford, TF3 4NT
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Hi, I’m Tim. I’m 62, live on Ashworth way, and I’m now the Town Council’s long serving councillor. How on earth has that happened! I’ve lived in the Newport area for 28 years, and in the town itself for 14 years. Both my daughters went to Newport schools. One now works in London, the other in Switzerland. They’ll not be alone in being Newport youngsters to seek their fortunes elsewhere. My partner and I of 12 years are LATs, living apart together.

In my spare time, I try and maintain my fitness. The rowing machine is not exactly my friend, not exactly my enemy. I’m a keen cyclist, though I do far less miles than I used to. My partner and I have a cabin in Devon we try and visit in the summer months, and I have a small boat in the harbour at Axmouth (Naturally it’s a rowing boat). I aim to keep busy. Being a Newport councillor helps!

I love Newport, and Newport Town Council. Both have been good to me. I serve on the council, and the people of Newport, to give something back. I’ve had the honour to be a committee chair, deputy Mayor and Mayor. I’m currently Chair of Planning and Economic development.

What have I done? Lots, over the years. Three things to mention. When chair of the Leisure and Environment committee, I asked for and got agreed a big budget increase (Relatively!) to invest in and manage the floral decoration of the town. Later, I originated and led the Smartwater campaign. We have protected over a third of households, and the Police reported a reduction in acquisitive crime. The Guildhall has more free kits for residents of the four wards. If you need one, just ask. Most recently, I am the council’s ‘Mr Canal’. Working very closely with the Canal trust and T&W, we have host of projects in hand or completed to make the canal in Newport even better for walkers, cyclists, joggers, anglers, bird watchers and visitors.

In 2015, I was elected as Borough councillor for Newport North and West ward. In lots of ways, this helps my parish council work. The access to and relationship with the Borough’s excellent local officers, for the Environment, Planning, Ecology and Highways helps achieve the Parish Council’s aims. I certainly aspire that it helps to serve residents better. I’m a regular volunteer for Newport in Bloom, the Canal trust – of course –  and right now during Covid Lockdown three, I’m a volunteer team leader at the Audley Court vaccination centre.

It is all a far cry from the 40 years I spent in food manufacturing management and buying. Let alone my History degree. But perhaps the skills of organisation, planning and implementation, and analysis of information and accounts, have shown some relevance. While the work itself, serving the public and trying to make Newport better for everyone, at last has some meaning. Thank you.