Electric scooters, or E-Scooters, are an up-and-coming mode of transport, but did you know that it is illegal to use them on public roads, pavements, cycle lanes and pedestrian-only areas, unless they form part of a designated trial area?

Telford is not a trial area and unfortunately we are seeing an increase in the use of them. Some people are riding them illegally on public roads and pavements. In order to ride one legally, you would need a driving licence and insurance to use one on the road, which is not currently possible.

As an E-Scooter meets the legal definition of a motor vehicle, if it is being used on a road or public place (outside the conditions of a trial) it can be seized by a police constable and the rider prosecuted for riding a motor vehicle without insurance, in the same way that we deal with mini-moto cycle riders.

If you have purchased an E-Scooter for a child or someone you know, please make sure they are only using them on private land where they have permission.

E-scooters may appear to be toy’s, or an environmentally friendly mode of transport, but they are illegal to use on a road or public space. Unfortunately, there have also been a number of collisions involving e scooters, sadly some of which have been fatal.

Please ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones by only riding them on private land where you have the land owners permission.

You can report incidents involving E-Scooters to: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-b/report-a-road-traffic-incident/

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Fraud update from West Mercia Police Economic Crime Unit

Watch out for scams related to NHS Test and Trace

The Government carries out public health quarantine compliance checks on individuals who have a legal duty to quarantine at home for 10 days following international travel.

This means that if you are required to quarantine, you may receive a visit from someone working on behalf of NHS Test and Trace to make sure you are complying with your legal duty.

What will happen when I get visited?

Staff employed on behalf of the NHS Test and Trace service will come to the address listed on your passenger locator form.

  • The staff will be wearing NHS Test and Trace branded clothing.
  • They will identify themselves verbally and present an ID card with information including their name, role and employer.
  • The staff will follow social distancing guidelines where possible.
  • The staff will state your name and ask you to confirm it. They will also ask to see your driving licence or passport to confirm your identity.
  • They will then ask you a few questions. This will help establish whether you are following your duty to quarantine and enable them to provide additional information, support or guidance where necessary.

You may receive follow-up visits within the 10-day quarantine period.

What NHS Test and Trace staff will not do

NHS Test and Trace staff will follow coronavirus (COVID-19) guidelines when carrying out compliance checks and will only ask you questions relating to your duty to quarantine.

NHS Test and Trace staff should not:

  • enter your home
  • ask you to provide your name – staff will already have your name and will ask ‘Am I speaking to —–?’ for you to confirm
  • ask for your National Insurance number, telephone number or any other identifying information, other than your passport or driver’s licence
  • photograph your identification document
  • ask for your financial details, such as your bank or credit card information
  • ask you for money or issue a fine. NHS Test and Trace staff have no legal power to issue a fixed penalty notice or a fine. Only the police can issue fixed penalty notices for breaching quarantine rules

If someone visits you claiming to be from NHS Test and Trace and you do not believe they are legitimate, call 999 and ask for the police.


For further information visit: https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/

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Online Jobs Fair

Job Box is a free service from Telford and Wrekin Council which is available to help and support residents of any age to find employment and/or training opportunities.  Many residents have been affected by the pandemic and find themselves out of work or with jobs which are now at risk, and many young people are struggling to get into employment for the first time.  Job Box is striving to support all these people to find new opportunities and will be hosting an online Jobs Fair on Thursday 16th September to highlight local vacancies.

Further information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/telfordjobbox/

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Telford & Wrekin Council is working in partnership with local bus operators to provide a public transport service that’s fit for the future.

The local authority is keen to hear from people who do and also don’t use the service and will be working closely with local bus operators to develop a Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) and unlock significant Government funding. Nationwide, £3 billion is being invested to support a bus strategy to make catching a bus much more attractive to people.
The Council needs your help to develop an improvement plan so make sure you have your say here; https://wh1.snapsurveys.com/SURVEY_PREVIEW.asp?k=162488415407

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Drainage improvements – Water Lane, Newport

Telford & Wrekin Council have informed us that they will shortly be carrying out drainage upgrade works outside 11 Water Lane, Newport.

Works will be completed by Balfour Beatty and specialist sub-contractors Quantum Traffic Management & GN Groundworks.

The work is due to take place on 16th August and be completed by 20th August, weather permitting. The works will be carried out under 2 Way Traffic Lights  between 07:30-17:00 on weekdays, and there will be dedicated teams on site to assist residents during this time.

These works are being delivered as part of the Council’s 4 year investment programme to ‘Protect, Care and Invest to create a better borough’.

Balfour Beatty will be the lead delivering this work in partnership with the Council and their details are below, for any questions or queries relating to this scheme. Please contact them at the highways hub:



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Newport Canal Lock Gates

The project to hang lock gates on the Newport canal to remind visitors of its heritage moved a step closer after Telford and Wrekin Council granted planning permission for the gates, near Roving Bridge, to be hung.

The Town Council and Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust will now hold a meeting with the contractor to move the project forward, and Town and Borough Councillor Tim Nelson said it was hoped the gates would be put in place in the open position this summer.

Councillor Nelson had the idea of putting gates back on the lock over four years ago and said it had taken a lot of work with Newport Town Council, Telford & Wrekin conservation and Heritage England to obtain planning permission.

He said: “When complete this project will draw attention to the canal in Newport by enhancing the built environment by making the lock look more like a working lock and re-emphasising the importance of the bridge in the context of its proximity to the canal. Care has been taken to ensure that the historic stonework will not be disturbed.”

Councillor Nelson also confirmed that the lock gates were only part of the vision. He said “we would like to see considerable towpath improvements, including lighting, the restoration of the Black Shed and even put a boat on the town basin.”

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Newport’s New Mayor

Mayor Lyn FowlerNewport Town Council announced at its annual Council meeting  that Councillor Lyn Fowler had been unanimously elected mayor for the forthcoming year.

She represents the East ward and has previously served as mayor in 2016 and 2017.

She stated her delight to have the support of fellow council members and expressed her desire to do the best for all residents of Newport. Her deputy for the year will be Councillor Ian Perry.

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