Electric scooters, or E-Scooters, are an up-and-coming mode of transport, but did you know that it is illegal to use them on public roads, pavements, cycle lanes and pedestrian-only areas, unless they form part of a designated trial area?

Telford is not a trial area and unfortunately we are seeing an increase in the use of them. Some people are riding them illegally on public roads and pavements. In order to ride one legally, you would need a driving licence and insurance to use one on the road, which is not currently possible.

As an E-Scooter meets the legal definition of a motor vehicle, if it is being used on a road or public place (outside the conditions of a trial) it can be seized by a police constable and the rider prosecuted for riding a motor vehicle without insurance, in the same way that we deal with mini-moto cycle riders.

If you have purchased an E-Scooter for a child or someone you know, please make sure they are only using them on private land where they have permission.

E-scooters may appear to be toy’s, or an environmentally friendly mode of transport, but they are illegal to use on a road or public space. Unfortunately, there have also been a number of collisions involving e scooters, sadly some of which have been fatal.

Please ensure the safety of yourself and your loved ones by only riding them on private land where you have the land owners permission.

You can report incidents involving E-Scooters to: https://www.westmercia.police.uk/ro/report/rti/rti-b/report-a-road-traffic-incident/

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TRO-2020-09 7.5T Restricted Access Weight Restriction


Order and Plan relating to the following: 7.5 tonnes restricted access weight restriction – Traffic Regulation Order 2021: various roads, Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote

Any person wishing to question the validity of the Order or any of its provisions or that the Act has not been complied with, may do so within 6 weeks from the date on which the Order was made to the High Court.

7.5 Restricted Access - Various Roads, Chetwynd Aston and Woodcote

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Children’s Christmas Card Competition

 Christmas Card Competition

Newport Town Council’s Annual Christmas Cards Competition is Back!

Newport Town Council is running the annual Christmas Card Competition where the winner from each age group will be gifted with a prize and their card will become the Mayor’s official Christmas Card for 2021.
As many cards as possible will be displayed in the Town Council window.

Competition Rules
The children must be educated or live within the parish of Newport.
The Christmas card should be on A5 card folded in half to be no bigger than 10.5cm by 15cm.

The age groups are:
1. Nursery (over 3 from 1st September 2021), Reception & Year 1
2. School Years 2 & 3
3. School Years 4, 5 & 6

PRINT clearly on the back of the card:
1. Name
2. Age
3. Address
4. School year as above (not the name of the class)
5. Name of School

Closing Date
All entries should arrive at Newport Town Council, The Guildhall, High Street, Newport (01952 814338) by Monday 1st November 2021.

Winner from each category will receive an open family pantomime ticket to Aladdin at The Place Telford, and the overall winner will turn on the Newport Christmas Lights on stage at the Switch-On Event on 26th November 2021.

If you have any questions or if you would like a digital copy of the posters for the competition, email us at enquiries@newportshropshire-tc.gov.uk

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Food Frenzy Road Closure

Newport (Shropshire) Town Team are organising the event which will take place along High Street, Lower Bar and St Marys Street. The event is set to commence on Saturday 25th September 2021 between the hours of 07:30am and 18:00pm.

The diversion route for vehicular traffic travelling northbound will be via Stafford Street, Tan Bank and Water Lane.

For vehicular traffic travelling southbound vice versa.

There will also be a temporary suspension of the one way order along New Street.


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