Newport Wards

 There are 4 Wards of Newport. To see a map of each ward please click below.

 North Ward East Ward South Ward West Ward

Town Plan

Newport Town Plan
 newport plan cover
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The Newport Town Plan is available to view in hard copy at the Town Council offices at the Guildhall  and the Library, both in Newport's High Street.  Hard copies have been distributed to local community groups and clubs as well as the senior representatives and departmental heads of Telford & Wrekin Council, West Mercia Police and educational establishments .  Above, you will find the complete document, including much of the supporting data as appendices.  The PDF document has an interactive facility whereby you can jump to the pages that are of most interest you.  The Town Plan can be used for a multitude of purposes for example, some of the recommendations can be used by local groups and organisations to support grant funding bids to the Big Lottery fund.   

The Plan does contain some competing views and is produced in part as an aspirational document and in general it should be read as a 'whole' and readers might wish to be mindful of  not just cherry picking those items that support a particular view.  The Plan is not policy however, it will carry some weight in many arenas.  Finally, the Town Plan did not necessarily seek to identify all the issues of the Town but provide some general consensus around those items that fell out of the extensive consultation. 

Shropshire Rural Community Council - Report on findings