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The Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of 644 footway lights in Newport.  Footway lights are designed to light the footway but have the additional benefit of lighting some of the highway, whereas highway lights are designed to light the highway but often have the additional benefit of lighting footpaths. 

Highway lights are generally 8m tall (like those that line the high street) and footway lights are generally 5m tall (those that are on housing estates). 

Not all footway lights in Newport are maintained by Newport Town Council, some are maintained by Telford & Wrekin Council and some by the developer who constructed recent housing estates.  In general, estates such as Beechfields, Daniels Cross and Deer Park have their lighting maintained by Telford & Wrekin Council. Developments constructed after about the year 2000 have not been adopted by the local authority and as such the Smithfields and the New developments on Cheney Hill and Wellington Road are the responsibility of the developer (or a residents association – if there is one).  

Of the 644 footway lights that the Council maintains there are 633 that operate using a photo electric cell (PEC) i.e. they turn themselves on when it begins to get dark and off when it becomes lighter.  If the PEC fails then the default position is to leave the lamp burning 24 hours (that is why you might well see lights on during the day).  The remaining 11 lights are operated by a timer from dusk to dawn.

Not all lights have the same bulbs in them and as such consume differing amounts of electricity.  Council officers continually work with the contractor to replace bulbs with more energy efficient bulbs as they become available on the market and cost effective. 

The Council has previously agreed to upgrade the lights on an opportunity basis to LED, as they use less electric than a standard bulb and because an LED lamp contains many small bulbs it is unlikely to completely fail.  The investment is reducing electricity consumption and providing some savings to the Council (albeit that may be not necessarily always be in cash terms but in indexation).

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