Nemo and Dory are in Town

Newport Town Council have recently purchased two portable Speed Indication Devices.

Speed Indicator Devices (or SIDs for short) are temporary vehicle activated signs which detect and display real-time vehicle speeds.

Newport Town Council have given the SIDs Pet names Nemo and Dory, which we felt was fitting as Newport is known for its three fish crest.

SIDs are a relatively cheap method of speed management, which aim to highlight drivers’ speed behaviour in different driving environments. The device is easy to install, and can therefore be moved from location to location, depending on local driving issues.


Cllr Tony Forrester Chairman of the Community Safety Committee said;

 “Anecdotal evidence shows that drivers are often unaware of the actual speed which they are travelling at.

We hope these new Speed Indicator Device will improve driver speed compliance by displaying to drivers their speed, which we hope will encourage them to slow down.

This anticipated reduction in speed will increase safety and reduce the risk of accidents. The data this device collects will support our local police in deploying their resources effectively.”

The locations around Newport where the SIDs will be placed have been carefully selected to try to improve driving patterns in Newport’s speeding hotspots. Nemo and Dory will be moved every four weeks or so, and records data as well as flashing warning messages to those exceeding the speed limit. The data can help the police target their traffic patrols more precisely.