*Are there any costs involved?

There no hidden costs, the SmartWater kits are being supplied by Newport Town Council for Newport Residents using money budgeted from the precept, to make Newport a safer place to live. SmartWater Kits are free to collect and register and there are no subscriptions fees.


Newport Town Council are offering SmartWater kits to all its residents, The Community Safety Committee are dedicated to make Newport a safer place to live, work and enjoy an environment that promotes a sense of well being and community cohesion.



SmartWater is the latest initiative to join Newport Town Council long term strategy to make Newport a better place.

Newport Town Council safety strategy includes Town Centre CCTV coverage, funding of a dedicated Police Community Support Officer (PCSO), purchase of two Speed Indicator Signs (SIDs) for use solely in Newport, all these and many more projects are funded by the corporate body of the Town Council and have been included in the budget provision for this financial year.

The Town Council is hoping this will be one of the largest roll-out of kits across the West Mercia region, with Newport becoming a “SmartWater Town” which if successful, will provide road signs on the boundary of Newport to further deter crime and provide a positive reduction in criminal activity.

Councillor Tim Nelson said: "Protecting our residents and reducing the fear of crime is very important to us, and can be achieved through innovative crime prevention schemes such as this.
SmartWater is ideal for marking domestic items such as personal computers, televisions, stereos, tools, and can even be applied safely to jewellery and other items of sentimental value”



What is SmartWater?

Smartwater is a crime prevention property marking fluid that can be used easily to mark your valuable property. It is invisible in normal light, but shows up under ultraviolet light. Its use in your property could deter potential thieves and also helps the Police in reuniting recovered stolen property with its rightful owners.

SmartWater domestic kits come with full instructions on how to register marked property on the SmartWater database. The easy to use packs include:

  • Home coding solution
  • Window deterrent stickers
  • Property Stickers
  • Instructions
  • Registration Form

SmartWater is almost impossible to remove, and is capable of marking your valuable items to such a degree that it has been likened to DNA profiling. It effectively marks property with microscopic coding, which is registered on a SmartWater database.

Whilst virtually undetectable to the naked eye when dry, the solution can be easily detected on stolen property recovered by the police, who can then establish the true ownership by analysing the fluid and cross-referencing it with the database.

Councillor Tim Nelson said: "The police often seize property that they suspect is stolen, but it can be very difficult to prove where the items have come from.
If the property is marked with SmartWater, they can trace the rightful owner
 and prove that the goods are stolen.
It acts as a real deterrent to anyone who is thinking of stealing from somebody's home, and has reduced burglary rates in other areas where it has been used."

Where do I get SmartWater from?

Please contact the Guildhall for information. 


Who is eligible and what do I need to bring? 

Please come along to one of our drop in sessions to claim you free SmartWater kit,

To be eligible you need to be resident who lives in the Newport Parish boundaries and be on the electoral register, and you will need to provide ID with postal address e.g. Driving licence or utility bill

One SmartWater Kit Per Household, not per elector. 

Can somebody collect my SmartWater kit on my behalf?
Yes, however we will need written permission and we will still need to see ID.




Frequently Asked Questions

Why Register? And what is the registration process?

If you don’t register your SmartWater, the police cannot link you with your valuables;

1. Your bottle of SmartWater contains a unique forensic code.
No other bottle will have the same code.

2. When you mark your valuables you are assigning them unique code.

3. If stolen and recovered by the police, we use this code to prove the ownership of the property.

4. SmartWater can only do this if you register your bottle of SmartWater.


Each kit comes with a unique registration form which corresponds with the unique forensic solution ID.

This form needs to be completed at point of collection , All information on the statement of registration is stored with SmartWater (not Newport Town Council) and may only be processed for administration, crime analysis or law enforcement purposes.

Are there any costs involved?

There no hidden costs, the SmartWater kits are being supplied by Newport Town Council for Newport Residents using money budgeted from the precept, to make Newport a safer place to live. SmartWater Kits are free to collect and register and there are no subscriptions fees.

Do I need to tell SmartWater what I mark?

No, by simply “dabbing-on” SmartWater you are essentially registering that item on SmartWater’s database – no further action is required, though you may also wish to keep a list for your own records

How long does SmartWater last? And can I use outdoors?

Yes, as the liquid is not DNA-based, it is able to withstand long term, direct exposure to sunlight, weathering and extreme temperatures. SmartWater’s traceable liquid products conform to the highest possible standards of robustness (Grade A External specification, BSI PAS 820:2012).

The unique forensic code is guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years, even when used outdoors, if applied in accordance with the Application Instructions supplied with your liquid.

How many SmartWater kits am I allowed?

One kit is allowed per household

Can I collect a Smartwater kit on someone else’s behalf?

Yes as long as you provide written and signed permission and appropriate identification, the resident you collected it for then needs to  register of the kit online themselves.

Can I share my SmartWater kit with a friend or neighbour?

No your liquid is specifically registered to you, if the property is not yours do not mark it with your liquid

Can I claim a kit if I am not on the electoral register?

No, Unfortunately we will using the electoral register to ensure fair distribution of the kits.

Can SmartWater be used in a court case if I get burgled/robbed?

It is vitally important that you register your kit – failure to do so will mean your use of SmartWater cannot be used in court.