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Pride In Your High Street Fund Benefits Newport High Street

Newport Town Council are pleased to announce that in conjunction with Telford & Wrekin Council it has been able to finance some much needed works on Stafford Street Car Park with the intention of improving the area and making it safer.

The Car park is owned and maintained by Telford & Wrekin Council and the Town Council became aware of plans to remark much of the car park and improve some of the lighting.  However, during consultation it became evident that some of the desired outcomes would not be able to be undertaken without additional funding.  Newport Town Council were keen to see the lighting upgraded with the columns being made so that they could house CCTV and that the column that had CCTV attached to it for a number of years be relocated in order that the current CCTV could provide 360 degree coverage of the car park.  Newport Town Council felt that improved lighting and more versatile use of CCTV would provide a safer environment for shoppers and others using the area as a thoroughfare and as such contribute positively to the economy of Newport.   Furthermore, it was considered that a partial makeover would reduce the positive impact of the project.  The Town Council therefore agreed that it would provide additional funding of £10,000 of which £7,500 would be provided through the Telford & Wrekin Council Pride in Your High Street Fund.

The work undertaken by Telford & Wrekin to repaint and reconfigure the Stafford Street Car Park along with the funding to update the lighting and make it suitable to house CCTV has resulted in an improved gateway to the High Street shopping area and increase in public safety both of which are considered to provide a positive contribution to the economic viability of the High Street retail area.

Image 1:  Shows the original position of the lamp that is home to the CCTV – it demonstrates that the McCarthy Stone development blocks the sight of the area of the car park behind the newsagent and pizza parlour.

Image 1

Images 2 and 3:  Showing the lamp post in its new position where it now has an unobstructed view of the entire car park.

                            Image 2                                                                                        Image 3


Image 4: Shows the unattractive and non-CCTV suitable lamp post at the lower part of the Car Park.

Image 5: shows the side access road/path with only one lamp providing lighting along its length

                                                  Image 4                                                                                       Image 5


Images 6 and 7: show the refurbished access road/path which now has 3 lamps along its length.

                              Image 6                                                                                      Image 7