Newport Boundary Review

UPDATE -November 2018 - What stage are we at?


 Telford and Wrekin Council received a valid petition from Newport Town Council to undertake a community governance review pursuant to Part 4, Chapter 3 of the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 (the Act).

The Boundary Review Committee published its Terms of Reference (Annex 1) on 1 June 2018 and a ten week consultation then took place. Residents of the area in question (the “Review Area”) and those in the general locality were invited to submit their written comments on the proposals. A list of the responses to the consultation received are provided at Annex 2. The consultation period closed on 10 August 2018.

The Boundary Review Committee met on 23 October 2018 and resolved that the Draft Recommendation would be that no change is made to the Parish/Town Council boundary.

This recommendation is now subject to a second period of consultation commencing 1 November 2018 and closing on 6 January 2019.

If you would like a say on this Draft Recommendation please submit your written comments, on the form attached at Annex 3 no later than 6 January 2019.

By email to:

In writing to: Newport Boundary Review Electoral Services Team Telford & Wrekin Council 4 th Floor Addenbrooke House Ironmasters Way Telford TF3 4NT

Should you require any further information or need clarification on the review process please contact: Dave Bowen Electoral Services Manager Telephone 01952 383210 Email


 Telford & Wrekin Council Published (31 October 2018) - 


First Published Beginning of 2018

What is the boundary Review?

Newport Town Council want to reconsider the southern portion of the parish boundary of Newport in order to match the ward boundary set by Telford and Wrekin.

Why do we want a review?

Newport and much of its adjacent hinterland has recently been the subject or is currently the subject of a number of large scale planning applications.  Many of the applications to the South of the Town are actually in neighbouring parishes (Church Aston and Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote). When some of the new homes are occupied they will be, from the perspective of Telford & Wrekin Council, in Newport South & West Ward but from a parish perspective they will be in the parish of Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote; a confusing set of circumstances.

Newport Town Council consider that there is intrinsic worth in considering extending the boundary of Newport as identified on the “illustrated map”. (Terms of Reference Annex 1)

In addition certain landscape settings and features lend themselves to be natural boundary points, namely the A41 and A518. 



The dark red area is the area in discussion.

 It is customary for settlements to build from the centre outwards, until it reaches its boundary. In the case of Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote – it appears that the developments are being built from the outside in (i.e. from the Newport Boundary).  The separation in parishes is rapidly disappearing (and this already evident in the case with Church Aston).

Newport Town Council submit the following cogent discussion and reasoning for consideration as to implementing the Community Governance Review:-

Change, will make clear and provide clarity to the public perception of the area which represents the “Town” of Newport. Church Aston residents live closer to the High Street than some residents of Newport. With the current planning proposals this will also apply to more than half of the residents of Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote.

Adjustment, can facilitate and provide delivery of services and amenities for future residents. Participation in community events for those that live within the boundary of the A41 /A518 bypass will likely gravitate towards Newport, they do not have their own sports teams or sports grounds, many enquires about public services will be directed to The Newport Town Council in the High Street and not to the Clerks and Councils of the small neighbouring parishes in which their properties lie and they live.

Deliver, a boundary that is consistent with Telford & Wrekin Borough Council Wards – representing future residents, leading to better democracy.

Provide: a Cohesive and integrated community, with sense of community and belonging.

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