Neighbourhood Development Plan - Newport Town Council

 Cllr Nelson

Councillor Tim Nelson promoting elements of the Neighbourhood Development Plan at Cosy Hall Saturday 25th March 2017

(Protecting Green Space / Supporting Community Buildings / Promoting Quality Design and Construction / Canal Enhancements/ Supporting the High Street)

Newport Town council are preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP), to promote a number of policies. Chief among these is the protection of Newport's green, and blue spaces, from uncontrolled development. Cllr Tim Nelson has been helping to lead the project, as Chair of the steering group. We took the opportunity this weekend to showcase the NDP, at Newport 21's 'Spring forward' event, and particularly to highlight plans to improve the canal. It occasioned some animated discussion with residents, who were mainly concerned with the pace and scale of house building in Newport. We understand this concern, we're concerned too, and the Neighbourhood plan seeks to provide another means to manage future dwelling numbers.

The proposed plan is near completion, and looks to include a number of related planning policies to benefit the Town.  There will be a period of public consultation later in the spring which will likely lead to a referendum on its adoption towards the end of the year.


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