The Guildhall, Newport
3D Virtual Tour

The Guildhall a 15th century building in the heart of Newport, Shropshire is now available to explore via our virtual tour.

To take the tour of this magnificent building please click on the large start button (arrow in a circle) and when loaded click the green icon

Throughout the tour there are many red icons, these give further detailed information about that particular item or an interesting / historical fact, simply click on the icon to read the information attached, any inserted photos can be enlarged by again clicking on the photo itself.

Along the bottom of the screen is a row of ‘still’ photo frames that can be used to shorten or restart the tour at or from a certain place

To enlarge the view these frames can be removed by clicking the first icon (little square) of the 5 located just above them.

Next to this small icon is a start/stop icon (arrow in a circle) that can be used to assist in your tour


 (The following presentation was created for the ‘Telford @ 50 Building project 3D Virtual Tours’ in the Summer of 2018.)


Background Information

The present Guildhall is formed from two separate buildings. The section to the left, as viewed from the High Street, has some importance and was probably the meeting place of the Guild of Newport. It stands gable end to the street, as was common when narrow burgage plots were available in the town. The orginal building was erected in the late 15th century on a sandstone base.

It was original a hall open to the roof with magnificent roof timbers visible from the ground floor before the construction of an intermediate floor.

Early in the 16th century the right hand building was developed parallel to the street with a narrow passage between it and the earlier building. Soon after that the two buildings were linked and the chimney, hearths and intermediate floor constructed.

In the Victorian period the two properties were unified externally by means of mock timbering and a gable to the north. The fascia beam with the name Wm Gregari with the date 1615 was added in a bid for authenticity. This beam had been removed from an Inn demolished when the Town Hall was built in 1860.

The Guildhall was purchased by the Boughey Trust and made available to the town at a pepper-corn rent. It was then restored by the Town Council, with the help of the English Heritage Society and was officially reopened on 25th March 1995. A License to carry out civil wedding ceremonies at the building was granted in July 1995.