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Neighbourhood Development Plan



21st March 2018  Update - Newport’s Neighbourhood Development Plan is close to being put to referendum.  The Town Council has agreed its proposed version and that has been passed to Telford & Wrekin Council who in turn consider that it should now proceed to independent examination.

An independent examiner will shortly be appointed to; review the document, the evidence used to support its production and test it against planning policy (to check if it is lawful/relevant).

You can also view Newport Neighbourhood Development Plan here,  



an interim report, has been produced and provides analysis of the responses received during Regulation 14

The document can be viewed HERE







The Newport Neighbourhood Development Plan has been prepared from evidence and information gathered and received in response to public consultation and engagement with local organisations undertaken by the Town Council. The results of which form the basis of the plan, and the Policies contained in the plan are what local people said they wanted – the Plan is designed by local people for their Town. 

Supporting material including the Evidence Review, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) screening report and Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) screening report, is also a prerequisite of the Regulation 14 process.