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Newport Town Council consists of 12 Councillors (3 from each of the four Wards in the Town, North, South, East & West), who are elected for a term of 4 years. They have a wide age range, diverse backgrounds, experience and political persuasions bringing a variety of experiences and assorted views. The Council selects a Mayor at its Annual Meeting in May to serve for the forthcoming year.  

The Town Council's offices are located at the Guildhall, 1 High Street, Newport, TF10 7AR, and are generally open from 10 am to 3 pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).  The Council holds regular meetings which are generally available to be viewed by the public.  At these meetings there is usually a public session where residents can ask questions of the Council provided the topic (in some form) is on the agenda. (as an example it is not appropriate to ask a question about the allotments where the agenda items is discussing CCTV).  Agendas for meetings are available on this website as well as being displayed in the window of the Guildhall the week before the meeting.  Minutes of the meetings are generally published a few days after the meeting and available on the website.  If you want to raise a matter about a service the Town Council runs please contact one of the 12 councillors or contact an officer of the Council at the Guildhall.  Please note that many of the public services provided in the Town are provided by Telford & Wrekin Council and should you have any comments about their services you can obtain assistance from the library in the High Street. 

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Council Meetings 
Held at The Guildhall

Planning Committee Meeting  
Wednesday 28th January 2015
  7 pm Start


The Mayor is preparing for this year's
Civic Ball.         

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 Happy New Year
Christmas bells
Message from the Town Mayor


This is my last year as mayor of Newport as we will be fast approaching the elections in May. I have set a date for my Civic Ball which is the 28th March at Ford Hall Lilleshall Sports and Recreation Centre. All are welcome to attend and support my charity this year, Newport Cottage Care. Although it is a time when the ladies like to dress up, I know that not many men have a DJ and so the invite is to include Dark Lounge Suits as well as Black Tie and I hope that this will persuade a lot more to attend.

The Cottage Care Centre provides a much needed service in our town and surrounding area and the facilities of X-Ray and Physiotherapy departments I feel are not fully appreciated by residents until they require their service. A long trek to PRH and the search for expensive car parking are just two savings provided by the Centre. It is often easy to forget about all the useful services provided by the Cottage Care Centre until you or a close one need such help. The past few months have made me more and more aware of how easily health issues can catch up with any of us and how wonderful our NHS staff are both at our local surgeries and also the PRH, New Cross and Stoke. Following my recent stay in the PRH and Stoke I should like to thank the great number of people in town who offered my wife help with lifts for visiting, chores around the house and who constantly enquired as to my recovery. It is very humbling to hear of so many concerned at my health. Once again thanks to you all.

Well, the Sainsbury build has been put to bed, but unfortunately we will be having the housing instead. Realistically, once the bye-pass was built, the writing was on the wall that ‘in-fill’ would take place, but we need to make sure that the ‘in-fill’ provides the best for our town and leaves some recreational ‘green space’ and room for Industrial units to provide local work.

I wish all the shops in town every success during 2015 and beyond and all our Newport Residents a Healthy New Year.

Cllr. Tony Forrester

Newport (Shropshire) Town Mayor.