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SEE LATEST NEWS - Newport Town Council Petition for a Boundary Review


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Wednesday 21st February 2018
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Community Police Drop In

A member of the Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team will be providing a drop in surgery in the reception of the Newport Town Council offices at the Guildhall in the High Street each Friday from 11am to 1pm for 5 weeks Friday 26th January to Friday 23rd February.  Availability beyond the 23rd February will be notified in due course.  





Newport Town Council Petition for a Boundary Review

If you are a resident of Newport and on the electoral roll please consider signing the petition which seeks to have the boundary of Newport reviewed.

Please See Latest News for more information and How to sign.

The reason for the request for a review arises out of a number of observations including.

The Boundary commission changed the ‘Newport’ boundary (for borough purposes) in 2014. That boundary change has created an anomaly (some future residents will be residents of Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote but their Borough Councillor will be a Newport Councillor) and it is felt that for consistency the parish boundary should match that.

The new houses being built on Station Road are not currently within the boundary of Newport. It is anticipated that the residents will feel that they are Newport residents rather than Chetwynd Aston & Woodcote; if they want an allotment they will probably apply to Newport Town Council and if they wish to have use of the cemetery then they are likely to expect to be able to do so. They would likely seek to use the services provided by Newport Town Council but not contribute financially through the Council Tax.

We require nearly 700 signatures before Telford & Wrekin Council will consider the matter

The petition seeks only to review the Southern boundary and in effect move much of it to align with the A518.

Whether the boundary will be changed is a matter for wider consultation and will need to consider a multitude of views.

We require nearly 700 signatures before Telford & Wrekin Council will consider the matter. Obtaining 700 signatures does not mean the boundary will change but merely that it will be considered.

 Maps of the electoral wards of Newport (as at 1 Apr 2015):

The Town Council has 4 electoral wards of Newport (North/South/East and West) Click here to view