Councillor Responsibilities - Councillors are encouraged to have a number of additional responsibilities other than attending Full Town Council meetings.  They can choose to be on one of the 4 standing committees which specialise in different areas of Town Council business. 

Furthermore, there are a number of outside bodies that that ask for some form of Town Council representation and councillors are nominated to such bodies by the Council.  Where councillors are nominated to outside bodies (e.g. community groups) it is their responsibility to represent the interests of the Council (even if from time to time that might differ from their own individual view). 

Councillors can of course be in their own right as an individual citizen a member of any community group and on any of its committees.  However, when this is the case they are not representatives of the Council. 

The Town Council can and does co-opt non-councillors to some of its committees. 

A list of formal responsibilities on committees or outside bodies can be found below:

(* Co-opted members) 


Full Town Council

Member - Cllr Borrett
Member - Cllr Carter
Member - Cllr Fowler
Member - Cllr Forrester
Member - Cllr Janke
Member - Cllr Nelson
Member - Cllr Norton
Member - Cllr Perry

Member - Cllr Eggerton
Member - Cllr King
Member - Cllr Foster
Member - Cllr Scott



Planning Committee

Community Safety Committee

Leisure & Environmental Services Committee

Resource & Finance Committee

All Council          members            


Cllr Forrester
Cllr Foster
Cllr Janke
Cllr Nelson
Cllr Norton

Cllr Borrett
Cllr Forrester
Cllr Nelson
Cllr Fowler

               Cllr Janke 




Cllr Fowler
Cllr Nelson
Cllr Norton
Cllr Perry


Outside Bodies

Newport Town Council

Newport Regeneration Partnership
Cllr Carter
Newport Youth Café
Cllr Fowler
Newport Cottage Care Centre
Cllr Forrester
Chamber of Commerce
Cllr Perry
Town Team
Cllr Perry
Telford & Wrekin Parishes Forum
Cllr Norton
Telford & Wrekin Bicycle User Group
Cllr Nelson
Telford & Wrekin Bus User Group Cllr Forrester
Cosy Hall Management Committee Cllr Forrester
 Wrekin Area Committee (of SALC)Cllr Carter, Cllr  Nelson
 Boughey TrustCllr Norton
Annabelle Lady Boughey Trust  Cllr Scott