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 Request for Funding - Newport Town Council initial submission (aims and objectives)
 Town Team comments  - Workshop notes 14 Jan 2014
 Town survey Initial findings  Press release identifying some initial themes as a result of the Town Plan questionnaire 
 Shaping Places Strategy & Options Consultation - Town Council Responses (Jul 2013)
 Newport Regeneration Partnership Workshop Chairman's report dated 5 Feb 2013
 Trees in Newport - Newport 21 report Feb 2014
 Sustainability - Newport 21 report Feb 2014
 Re-use/Refurbish - Newport 21 Report Mar 2014
 Chamber of Commerce Employment Sub Group - Chairman's notes Feb 2014
 Library Consultation  - 10 May 2014 Report
 Shaping Places Housing & Employment Sites - Town Council Responses to Newport sites Jun 2014
 Phez Consultation - 27 Jun 2014 Report
 Focus Group Questions - Questions identified by focus groups to prompt comment and debate.
 Newport Regeneration Partnership Comment - Shaping Places Housing & Employment Site allocations consultation response - Jun 2014
 Town Plan Questionnaire Findings - Shropshire Rural Community Council findings based upon the responses to the Town Questionnaire circulated to Newport Residents in Nov 2013.
 NDP Workshop 8 Sep 13 - Workshop report by external consultants URS - 4 hour interactive workshop to identify/confirm vision and policy themes.
 Newport Regeneration Partnership Chairman's Report on Employment  
 Newport Town Council Neighbourhood Plan Evidence Base Review  - February 2015
 Evidence Review December 2016
 Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 14
 Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 14 Appendices
 Neighbourhood Development Plan Regulation 14 Interim Report on findings
 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Screening Statement  
 Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) Screening Statement
 Screening Statement Determination Report to Town Council September 2017 
 Report to Town Council September 2017