Newport Town Council are looking for voluntary, community, charitable groups or organisation who need financial support delivering a sport project or a new sport event within the parish boundary of Newport.

So whether you are community group who wants to have a walking football tournament, Playgroup who wants a Baby Yoga session or a children’s organisation who wants to teach rugby during the summer holidays, you may be able to apply for grant up to £10,000! 

Newport Town Council would like everyone in Newport regardless of age, background or level of ability to feel able to engage in sport and physical activity.

Expression of interest letter must be received by Friday 20th April 2018

Application Guide

Aim of the Sports Grants and Outcomes

  • Provide a new activity that delivers sport and physical activity benefits or one that shows a clear expansion on existing activity

  • Be delivered to beneficiaries based in Newport

  • To improve health and well-being of Newport residents

  • To increase participation in sport and physical activity

  • Be deliverable before September 2019

  • Request a sum of money between £50 and £10,000

What is the eligibility criteria?

Applications can be made by registered charities, not for profit organisations, constituted clubs, groups and associations, schools, further education or education linked establishments who operate within the parish boundaries of Newport or are planning a sporting event that benefits Newport’s Residents.

Grants are available for one off events or projects taking place in Newport, This could range from open days to promote local sports clubs to one off competitions that will attract teams from across the borough.

For example:

A local sports club may wish to hold a tournament which will attract other clubs from borough or people who would like take up the sport. They may require £250 to hire a venue for a full day, £100 to pay for referees or officials, £100 for refreshments and £50 to cover the expenses of volunteers.


  • Replacement of equipment. We may fund extra equipment if it produces new sporting benefits and if you can demonstrate clearly why it is needed

  • Items which only benefit an individual. This may include bursaries or kit and equipment that is not shared. We may fund playing kits for new teams or for teams that have not had a kit. We are unlikely to fund kit for training or coaches and other items of clothing

  •  Salaries. We may fund coaching costs or fixed term positions needed to meet a specific project requirement. But funding of coaches must be clearly additional to usual club expenditure and they must be appropriately qualified


Preparing your Expression of Interest letter

When you have checked that your organisation is eligible to apply and your project meets our funding criteria, you should consider the following steps:

  • Plan your project

  • Gather your information

  • Complete your Expression Of Interest Letter (example attached)


Plan Your Project

Grant applications are more likely to be successful if they can show the project has been carefully thought through. We will assess your application against key questions, so you should consider whether:

  • You understand why the project is needed and how it benefits Newport

  • You know what impact your project will have. For example, the number of people who will   .           benefit and the number of times they will take part

  • Provide an outline of the event/project –
                                                                                    What sport/activity/Likely dates/Over what period

  • You know how you will deliver the project and measure its success

Gather your information

You must provide identifications of potential (or actual) costs, to justify the level of funding.

Formal approval by the group’s committee or senior officials supporting application and an acknowledgement that there will be some conditions imposed to ensure good governance.

Confirmation that you have a ‘club/society’ bank account

Proof of capability to hold such an event/project e.g. accredited to national sporting group or a registered charity, owners of a sports field or permission will be sought to close roads.

You can also include photographs, letters of support or other documents you feel may help explain why your project is needed – but please only include documents that directly relate to your project.

Write your letter of Expression of interest

We are looking for the best projects, not the best applications, and you should only write something you think really helps us understand how good your project is. To help successfully present your project, please consider the following questions:

What sport event or project you are trying to arrange?

How do you know your particular project is needed by those you want to attract? Have you undertaken any consultation with them?

What difference will your project make?

What will be the impact?

How will you deliver your project?

Can you simply explain the steps to achieving the impact you want to achieve?
You may find a simple delivery plan helps with this but it is not a requirement

Does your organisation have the right skills and experience to deliver the project? If not, who will you work with to help?

Will you be able to measure the results of your project?
You will need to report on the success of your project if we provide funding, so you should consider how you will be able to do this.

After you have applied

Once you have submitted your application, we will check it is complete and that you have sent all the supporting documents we need. If anything is missing or we need some further information, we will contact you to request it.

Once everything is in place, we will assess your application. We do this in two stages. The first is to check if your organisation and project are eligible for funding. If it is not, unfortunately we will not consider the quality of your project further.

For all eligible projects received by Friday 20th April will be put before a panel of councillors, with the aim of making a decision no later than Wednesday 25th April.

Please be aware that our Sports Grants programme has limited funds and we sometimes have to turn down eligible and potentially fundable projects simply because we don’t have enough money to support everything we would like to.

If we don’t fund your project, we will provide written feedback to you.

Should there be grant funding available after the initial round of decisions (in April 2018) a further round of funding will be held later in the year.

If you are successful

If you are offered an award, you will receive an award agreement that states the purpose of the award and contains our terms and conditions.

It will also contain various forms that you will need to fill in to accept and claim your award.

Please read your award letter carefully and keep it safe for future reference. Your grant is intended specifically for the project you have applied for, and any proposed changes should be discussed with us in advance.

If the proposed event does not materialise before 30th September 2019 then all monies granted must be returned to Newport Town Council.

Newport Town Council should be acknowledged as a prime source of funding for the event in advertising and reporting of the event.

You should pay particular attention to keeping all receipts and evidences of expenditure. Payments for goods and services for the project should be made, wherever possible, from the organisation’s bank account as we may request bank statements to verify claims for payment.


If you are unsure of anything in this guide or need any other information, please contact us via:

01952 814 338                                                           

Example & Template Letter of Expression of Interest